Thursday, February 5, 2015

Must find time to stitch

No really, must make time to stitch... These are the pieces I had framed in January:

This is for my son and daughter in law and their three pitbulls... such lovely pups, completely changed my thoughts about the breed. I did use my artistic license (no really, I have an official one - we rec'd them at stitch camp a few years ago) and added paw prints around the word family - it just looked too bare.  I also changed the verbiage at the bottom, it originally said 'and A dog'.  They have three, you can't ignore the others, their feelers will get hurt.

This is Spring by Shepherds Bush.  The mats are a purple and light green and really brighten up the mauvie look to the linen.

I printed out my pattern for the Serenity Harbour SAL and will start on that this weekend. I realized that one piece I've been working on was supposed to be stitched 1 over 2, yeah.... I did it 2 over 2 and had to go rummaging thru the stash in hopes that I had the colours. Thank goodness - I did!  I'll take pictures of the current rotation and post them here this week.

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